Sunday, September 28, 2008

Life so far

I've been thinking about starting a blog for quite a while now but the ladies in my book club inspired to me to finally start one.

Life has been very hectic lately since Grace's birth last June but now that school has started and she is three months old, I finally feel like I might be getting a grip on things again. The kids have been in school for a few weeks now and they are loving it. Maddie is in third grade and Jeni started Kindergarten this year. She has been particularly excited for school since she has had to wait for so long! When I took her in to find out who her teacher was going to be Maddie said "Whoever you get will be fine but you had better get Mrs. Durrant!" Sure enough Jeni got Mrs. Durrant and so far loves her just as much as Maddie did. I found out at the school open house last week that Maddie still stops in and sees all her old teachers almost every day.

Nathan also started school this year. He goes to Joy School with four other girls from our ward. Poor guy, he is the youngest and the only boy. I think he will keep things stirred up, but hopefully not too much. Anyway, Joy School is a co-op kind of deal where I take turns teaching with all the other moms. It works out really well and the more I do Joy School, the more I love the program. The first unit that Nathan just finished up was Joy of the Body. I think his favorite activity so far was fingerpainting with chocolate pudding in one of the lessons talking about our senses.

Grace is growing like a weed! It's fun to see how fast she changes. She is filling out so much and I really think she looks a lot like Jeni did when she was a baby. She is starting to grin for everybody and is trying her best to talk. She makes those adorable baby coos and the other day she surprised herself by giggling at her siblings playing. She hasn't been able to repeat it yet but I think it's very close.