Sunday, April 26, 2009

Who'd have thought?

When I was a kid I always loved getting new things. Toys and treats were the best, clothes were pretty good - you get the idea. Sometimes it amazes me what I get excited about as an adult. We got our tax return and what did we use it for? We went out and bought a new vacuum and a carpet cleaner and Bob and I have both been giddy with excitement all weekend! (Maddie too)

We have been using a carpet cleaning service for the last several years but recently we came to the conclusion that instead of cleaning our carpet they were simply spreading the accumulating dirt around in a nice even color so you didn't really realize it was still dirty. We busted out the new carpet cleaner on Saturday and attacked the dining room and if the disgustingly dirty water we kept dumping out was any indication we were right about the service we were getting.

The best part of having a new vacuum is all of a sudden everyone is volunteering to vacuum for me! Maddie has decided that since she is now 9 she needs a new chore and that chore will be vacuuming! Jeni and Nathan have also taken turns pushing it around today. I should let them try it when it's turned on and see what they think. Hmmm...I wonder how long this will last? Hopefully for a long time!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tricycle rides!

Last week Nathan really wanted to ride his "pedal bike" but it was too cold and rainy to go out so I finally let him bring it inside. As soon as Grace saw it she got really excited. I set her on the step behind Nathan and she was in heaven! She hung on tight to Nathan, kicked her feet and away they, went riding in circles around the family room.
Gracie sure loves her big brother, and he sure loves his Goo-goo, although he did tell me recently that I need to go back to the hospital and get a boy baby this time!
Some things are worth not worrying about the carpet getting dirty...

Happy Easter

We started out our Easter celebrations with an Easter egg hunt put on by Sandra at the Moultries. They usually hide over 200 eggs filled with chocolate and money around their backyard! The kids love it!After the hunt is over - usually in about 3 minutes, everyone sits down to open the eggs. That usually takes about 30 minutes because the eggs are taped closed so securely.
Keri and her family were in town for the wedding so we were able to bring Scott, Amy and Andrew along for the fun. Thanks Sandra!
Here is a picture of Dee with most of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Grace had an egg for each hand and was just as happy as could be.After the Easter egg hunt we went inside to color hard boiled eggs. I'm not exactly sure who boiled them all but there were 25 dozen eggs waiting for the kids. Everyone who was interested in coloring eggs got their own box to color. We came home with three dozen eggs and amazingly enough, we've eaten them all! I'm not sure what Keri did with her three dozen eggs since they were leaving to go back to Washington the next day. Good luck with that one Keri!
This is my great-niece Gabriella (yikes, that makes me feel old!) who came in with her mother Jamie from New York for the funeral. She had so much fun trying to color all her eggs at once that I couldn't resist including her picture here. She dyed her eggs in record time and they actually turned out amazingly pretty. Good job Bree!
The kids enjoyed looking for eggs Sunday morning before we headed off to church. All in all, it was a pretty good Easter.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Wedding

As soon as we finished up with the funeral we moved right on to my brothers wedding. I'm very glad that we were able to finish up a super crazy week with such a happy event.Maddie and Nathan did great as a flower girl and a ring bearer.Jeni and Sarah's nephew Ross also did a great job. Jeni took her job very seriously as you can tell by the look on her face.Nathan and Ross did a great job doing their ring bearer duties. No rings fell off their pillows and rolled away into the audience causing a mad scramble as they went!After the ceremony was over Sarah was followed faithfully by her three "dress carriers" - Maddie, Jeni and their cousin Amy were in heaven to look so pretty and carry such a pretty dress!
Here is a picture of my whole family together. This is one of my favorite pictures of Steve and Sarah together.
Nathan got a little bored during the receiving line and decided to drag Goo-goo (his nickname for Grace) around and show her the sights.Bob enjoyed the reception too!
The girls loved the dancing during the reception. There was plenty of slow music to enjoy as well as the YMCA dance, a linedance and the "Money Dance" where the guests had to pay Sarah's mom to dance with Steve or Sarah. I believe they ended up with something like $85 to take on their honeymoon with them.
After the reception ended the happy couple changed (FYI: Sarah purchased Steve's shirt and wanted him to wear it!) and then we sent them dodging through confetti we fired out of some crackers off to their honeymoon - a two week cruise through the Panama Canal. Congratulations guys!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Funeral

Most of the week after Arlene's death was spent over at the Moultrie's. I never quite realized how much goes into a funeral but everything got organized, the funeral was planned, the casket picked out and many flowers delivered. We spent most of our time there visiting and reminiscing. I think that Bob and all his siblings and Dad found a lot of comfort in being together. Wednesday was the viewing and it really got to poor Maddie. She broke down and couldn't stop crying. Thankfully my parents took the kids with them when they left the viewing and were able to distract her and help her come around and think of something else.

Thursday was the funeral. Something set Jeni off that day and she had a really hard time settling back down. She finally calmed down about the time the funeral was starting. It was a really nice service. Bob and each of his siblings spoke and they all did a really good job. The grandchildren and great-grandchildren all sang "Give Said the Little Stream" which was one of the first songs that Arlene taught her own children. They did a really good job and it was nice to hear their sweet voices raised together. Bob was one of the pall bearers and Nathan followed along behind him holding on to the very end of the casket as an honorary pall bearer.

The hardest parts of the funeral for me were the closing of the casket (it always seems so final to me) and leaving the casket at the cemetery and driving away. But as we were leaving I had the distinct feeling that while we were leaving her body alone, she was not there. I don't know if she was at the family lunch enjoying watching her loved ones visiting together or if she is somewhere else, celebrating her reunion with loved ones who have passed on before. But I know that she is somewhere and that we can all be with her again. I am so thankful to know that we existed before life on this earth and that we will go on when this life ends and that we can be together forever. I'm especially grateful for Jesus Christ and all he did to make this possible. I know that He lives and that He did what He said he would do.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Arlene Margaret Carlson Moultrie

Arlene Moultrie 1921 ~ 2009 BOUNTIFUL-Arlene Margaret Carlson Moultrie passed away quietly at home the morning of April 4, 2009. She was born June 12, 1921 in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Hilmer and Margaret (Dahn) Carlson. She had four sisters and three brothers, all of whom are deceased.

After World War II she served a mission in the Southern States where she met her future husband, Dee Moultrie. They were married May 27, 1949 in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. She served honorably and faithfully in multiple callings for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

She is survived by her husband Dee; children, Susan Palmer (Garen), Sandra Moultrie, David Moultrie (Becky), Sherry Johnson (Scott), Bob Moultrie (Carolyn), Liz Banner (David), Lesli Harvey (Jared), and Lisa Rushton (Jason); 15 grandchildren; and 10 great-grandchildren.

Funeral services will be held at 12:00 noon on Thursday, April 9, 2009 at the Bountiful 14th Ward Chapel, 1500 South 600 East. Friends and family may call Wednesday evening from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. at Russon Brothers Bountiful Mortuary, 295 North Main and Thursday morning 10:45-11:45 a.m. at the church prior to services. Interment- Bountiful City Cemetery. Online guestbook at

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A very sad weekend

Usually I absolutely love conference weekend. I love the changing weather, the chance to gather with family and especially the opportunity to listen to the church leaders talk and the peace and insight that brings. This weekend turned out much differently than I had anticipated.

We got a call Saturday morning about 9:00 from Bob's sister Sandra. She was so distraught and then gone that Bob had to call her back and find out what she had said. It was this "I just called an ambulance for Mom, you need to come right now." He was trying to hurry and get dressed when his sister-in-law called back to say that Bob's mom Arlene had died. Bob left as quickly as he could and left me and the kids home since we didn't quite know what to expect. He was able to get there and have a few minutes with his mother before the paramedics took her body away. He later told me that as he was sitting there, crying over her body he felt like he heard her say "Oh don't be silly!" which is something I can totally picture her saying to him. It made him laugh and helped him feel not quite so sad.

Anyway, after she was gone he called us and we went over and spent the rest of the day there. It was a very emotional, sad-but-strangely-happy day. Most of the time it was just the imediate family and it was neat to sit together and share that time. When it got too sad somebody would always pipe up with "Remember when..." and soon everyone would be laughing together and one story would lead to another and another. Listening to all the stories I have realized that even when I met Arlene 13 years or so ago, she had slowed down a lot (she would have been 88 this June) and that she has really lived a full and vibrant life. Bob is having a hard time with it, especially when we slow down enough to stop and think about it. Maddie and Jeni also go in spells where they cry and are really sad, then it passes and they are off and running with the other kids. Nathan doesn't understand what has happened but he can feel the emotion around him. He will come and climb up on my lap and be sad for a few minutes and after I hug and kiss him for a few minutes he is fine and off he goes too, chasing after his sisters. Grace has been amazing these last two days. She has been teething and going through a stranger-anxiety phase lately but she has been so cute, charming and unusually social. She crawls around and smiles at everybody and lets people pick her up without fussing. I can't help but think that Heavenly Father might be working though her a little bit because you can't look at a cute, happy, smiling baby and not feel just a little bit better.