Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Easter

We started out our Easter celebrations with an Easter egg hunt put on by Sandra at the Moultries. They usually hide over 200 eggs filled with chocolate and money around their backyard! The kids love it!After the hunt is over - usually in about 3 minutes, everyone sits down to open the eggs. That usually takes about 30 minutes because the eggs are taped closed so securely.
Keri and her family were in town for the wedding so we were able to bring Scott, Amy and Andrew along for the fun. Thanks Sandra!
Here is a picture of Dee with most of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Grace had an egg for each hand and was just as happy as could be.After the Easter egg hunt we went inside to color hard boiled eggs. I'm not exactly sure who boiled them all but there were 25 dozen eggs waiting for the kids. Everyone who was interested in coloring eggs got their own box to color. We came home with three dozen eggs and amazingly enough, we've eaten them all! I'm not sure what Keri did with her three dozen eggs since they were leaving to go back to Washington the next day. Good luck with that one Keri!
This is my great-niece Gabriella (yikes, that makes me feel old!) who came in with her mother Jamie from New York for the funeral. She had so much fun trying to color all her eggs at once that I couldn't resist including her picture here. She dyed her eggs in record time and they actually turned out amazingly pretty. Good job Bree!
The kids enjoyed looking for eggs Sunday morning before we headed off to church. All in all, it was a pretty good Easter.

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