Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Funeral

Most of the week after Arlene's death was spent over at the Moultrie's. I never quite realized how much goes into a funeral but everything got organized, the funeral was planned, the casket picked out and many flowers delivered. We spent most of our time there visiting and reminiscing. I think that Bob and all his siblings and Dad found a lot of comfort in being together. Wednesday was the viewing and it really got to poor Maddie. She broke down and couldn't stop crying. Thankfully my parents took the kids with them when they left the viewing and were able to distract her and help her come around and think of something else.

Thursday was the funeral. Something set Jeni off that day and she had a really hard time settling back down. She finally calmed down about the time the funeral was starting. It was a really nice service. Bob and each of his siblings spoke and they all did a really good job. The grandchildren and great-grandchildren all sang "Give Said the Little Stream" which was one of the first songs that Arlene taught her own children. They did a really good job and it was nice to hear their sweet voices raised together. Bob was one of the pall bearers and Nathan followed along behind him holding on to the very end of the casket as an honorary pall bearer.

The hardest parts of the funeral for me were the closing of the casket (it always seems so final to me) and leaving the casket at the cemetery and driving away. But as we were leaving I had the distinct feeling that while we were leaving her body alone, she was not there. I don't know if she was at the family lunch enjoying watching her loved ones visiting together or if she is somewhere else, celebrating her reunion with loved ones who have passed on before. But I know that she is somewhere and that we can all be with her again. I am so thankful to know that we existed before life on this earth and that we will go on when this life ends and that we can be together forever. I'm especially grateful for Jesus Christ and all he did to make this possible. I know that He lives and that He did what He said he would do.

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West Family said...

It is so amazing to me that you mentioned how you felt like when we were leaving the cemetary that Grandma was no longer there. I had the very same feeling. As the viewing and funeral were taking place, and even at the house, I felt her spirit around very near, like she was just hovering enjoying being with everyone, but as the dedicatory prayer was said I felt that same spirit leave. It was a moment I will never forget. I felt happy to know that she was around us while we were remenising (sp?) about her life, but that she to felt ready to move on. I was so glad I was able to be there for it all. It was fun to visit with everyone with nothing else planned. How is everyone holding up?

The wedding looked beautiful, I am glad you had a joyous ending to your week as well. If I would have seen Bob reading that book at the wedding I would have ripped it from his hands! It is a good thing he is cute...
Funny how I can use the same lines when referring to Bob as I do when referring to Gabriella's mischief. Hummm...