Saturday, November 15, 2008

My baby is growing up!

This week had been a busy one for Gracie. Sunday night she rolled over from her back to her tummy for the first time. Then a few minutes later she rolled the other way, from her tummy to her back! She has also become really interested in things around her. She loves to try and grab toys or whatever she can get hold of and of course they all go straight to her mouth. Then on Thursday she tried her first solid food - rice cereal, yum! She really seems to like it and tries to grab the spoon and shove it in her mouth whenever it gets close to her!I'm not sure I'm ready for my sweet little baby to grow up so fast! But ready or not, here she goes!


West Family said...

I don't think any of us are ever ready. That is why we just need to store up all the cuddles and slobbery kisses we can! She is adorable.

Keri said...

I am feeling the same way. They do grow so fast. I am not ready to start the cereal thing yet even though I bought some because I am selfish and don't want to admit Laura is getting that big. Gracie is so cute! Give all the kids some love for me!

Paul and Rachel said...

Like I have told you a million times...she is so beautiful. It seriously does seem like she was just born last week though. Wow it goes by fast.