Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a very nice Easter weekend. The kids started off by coloring Easter eggs at the Moultries. I'm not sure what Grace thought of the whole thing but the rest of the kids had a lot of fun. They came home with four dozen brightly colored eggs that they want to treasure forever. I had to work pretty hard to convince Jeni that she couldn't keep her Easter eggs in her bedroom!Because of the funny weather we had we ended up postponing our neighborhood Easter egg hunt until the next Wednesday. We got together with four other families and went from yard to yard finding the eggs. The kids were all so excited. Here are Jeni, Nathan and Maddie with their "hunting helmets" on. Ready to go!
Maddie and Jeni were very good about helping Grace find her eggs.
Here is what Dart looks like on the neighbor's side of the fence! I think we have a hole to fill in...
I love my neighborhood! There are really great families with lots of cute kids to come outside and play in the cul-de-sac with my kids. With the good weather we have been having lately it's like a big party out in our circle every day as soon as the kids are all home from school. I love spring!
Here we are with some of our neighborhood friends.

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