Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Last Friday we made our annual trek with Grandpa Moultrie up Weber Canyon to a tree farm. We wandered over the hillside until we finally found the perfect tree. It didn't take long since the kids were all freezing and after about 3 minutes they thought every tree looked great! We picked our trees, cut them down and tied them to the top of our car. The rope was so long that Bob tossed the rest of it in the back of the car where the kids were sitting. They held it tight and made sure that the trees didn't fall off on the way home! Thanks kids! We spent the rest of the day on Friday and Saturday decorating the real tree in our Family Room and the artifical tree in the Living Room. The kids all had such a great time decorating.Jeni and Nathan worked really hard and made the paper chains for the real tree and then everyone added the candy canes. As long as they are hanging on the tree the dog leaves them alone.
Later I tried to cut off my thumb with a chisel when I was chopping up white chocolate to make a molded nativity scene. Don't worry though, I saved the chocolate by yanking my hand out of the way before I could bleed on it!
Sunday morning I came downstairs to find the kids making presents to go under the living room tree. They were busy drawing pictures for everyone then they would fold them up, wrap them in blue paper and tie them with some red string they found. What sweethearts!


West Family said...

I love the tress. Your kids are so sweet to make presents for people. It is such a fun time of the year. I think the white chocolate nativity would not last a day in my house. Sad thing is that I would be the one who ate it! Have a great day!

Paul and Rachel said...

Yea for Christmas!!! Yea for Christmas trees and double yea for chocolate nativity sets (the only question is, do you ever get to eat it). I'm glad you didn't cut off your finger or hand!!