Monday, February 16, 2009

A busy month for Grace

This has been a very busy month for Grace since she turned 7 months old on Jan. 26th. She has cut her first two teeth, learned how to commando crawl, figured out how to sit up on her own and not tip over. This last week she has learned how to pull her knees up under her and crawl as well as how to pull herself up onto her feet! Sometimes she can even get back down, but not always. She also fell down the stairs for the first time, hence the chair now blocking them. At least it was the small flight of stairs...poor girl.
This is a picture of Grace sitting in a "safe place". Maddie was watching Grace for me while I was fixing dinner and she decided this was a good place for her. Me being the good mother that I am ran for the camera instead of scooping up Grace!Here is a video of Grace crawling. She looks way too little to me to be crawling.


West Family said...

She is way too little to be crawling. At least she hadn't figured out how to turn the water on!

Katie said...

I can't believe how much she can do now! How fun that she can crawl now!!!