Monday, February 16, 2009

Fishing and Peas

In Joy School we just finished up a unit on Order and Goal Striving. Part of the lessons involved the kids setting a goal and then working on reaching the goal during class for the next few days. One of the girls decided to learn to tie her shoe, a couple worked on their letters and one practiced a new piece on the piano. Nathan decided his goal was fishing! I'm not sure where he got that from but fortunately one of the other Mom's suggested a magnetic fishing game she has. (Thanks Maegan!) Nathan loved it! He would work and work, catching the fish one at a time and then tucking them back into the plastic bag they came in. He got pretty good at it!
Maddie had a project for school as well. She had to make a diorama about a fairy tale she read in school. She decided to do one about "The Princess and the Pea". She found the box, the dolls and the bed and she drew the queen's footprints and the door. We couldn't figure out how to make the mattresses so I called my Mom who is very creative and she had a great suggestion as well as the supplies we needed to finish the project. Mom's are the best! Maddie's project turned out really cute and she got a good grade on it.

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