Monday, May 18, 2009

The Legend of the Rubies of Rosevall

Jeni had her ballet recital last Saturday and she did a great job. The story was cute, it was about a prince (they have one male dancer and he is very good) who is about to be wed but the castle is in disarray because a) there has been a drought that has dried up the streams, flowers, gardens and driven away all the birds, etc. and b) the ruby necklace that his deceased parents left for his betrothed has been stolen! Gasp!! Oh no!! Various pixies and sprites come to the rescue bringing rain showers that restore the ponds, flowers and gardens as well as summoning back all the animals. They also track down the thief in the end - those naughty blue jays... Anyway, it was a really cute show and Jeni did a great job as a goldfish.The kids have all been practicing for several months now
But of course the best part is dressing up in pretty costumes, wearing makeup and the treat they get at the very end after the show is over!
Way to go Jeni, you did a wonderful job!

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West Family said...

I love little girls in tu-tu's! So cute