Sunday, October 25, 2009

I love fall!

At the beginning of October we went up the Blacksmith Fork Canyon to enjoy the beautiful fall leaves. We got there in the early evening and the kids had so much fun throwing the leaves around, throwing rocks in the nearby stream and waiting anxiously for Uncle John and Bethany to arrive so we could start a fire and have a picnic dinner.
Grace tried to copy her older sisters but her arms just aren't long enough!Nathan was ready to eat!I love the way the air smells when fall comes and the chill that comes in the evenings. I love the brilliant colors of fall, as if nature is cutting loose and putting on one last grand show before going to sleep for the winter under a blanket of white. I love fall!

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West Family said...

I love the fall to, but I do hate cleaning up the leaves. But, I will take cleaning up leaves any day over cleaning up snow!