Sunday, July 11, 2010

Deep fried adventures

A few weeks ago we went on a deep-frying kick. We made some homemade doughnuts that were absolutely wonderful so we decided to try some batter covered french fries. They were working out just fine but going a little slow so we got over-confident and put a bigger batch in the pot and all of a sudden the whole thing boiled over. We had hot oil everywhere! It was honestly a miracle that we didn't burn the house down! I don't know how the whole mess didn't catch on fire! Once everything cooled down we cleaned up the oil (it completely filled up the drip pan under two burners) and thought we had it all taken care of.

The next morning I baked something for breakfast and the oven filled the whole house with an awful burning oil smoke that made my eyes sting. It was terrible! We pried the top of the stove off and found more oil everywhere and even puddles of oil all over the floor. We cleaned it up the best we could but it kept leaking oil onto the floor. I didn't dare use my stove again so I called a repairman to come look at it. It turns out the oil had leaked down the oven vent and had also soaked into the insulation all around the oven box! It was going to take over $400 and a 2-4 week wait to get it back to a safe-to-use state. We decided to get a new stove instead.

We got a Maytag Gemini gas range. It has 5 burners on the top with the knobs down the side instead of across the front (no more kids playing with them!) and the double oven. I love it!

For some reason the kids love it too. They like showing it off to their friends and the other day I heard Nathan tell Maddie "Our new stove is so awesome that my eyes could fall out!" What!?! I think he must be thinking of a cartoon character that has it's eyes popping out in shock or alarm. What ever he meant our new range is so awesome that we have eyes falling out at our house!


Maegan said...

It made my eyeballs fall out too when I saw it. I know just how Nathan feels. I coveted.

West Family said...

New Mommy toys...isn't it fun what our lives have come to:) I think it looks fabulous as well. I look forward to new appliances that work right someday. Right now I would settle for being able to use more than one appliance at a time--while the A/C is on WITHOUT tripping a breaker! We all can dream, can't we?