Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Amazing Race - Moultrie Family Edition!

This year we ended our annual Moultrie Family Fun week with The Amazing Race. Dave and Becky divided us up into three teams (we were the red team) gave us a backpack full of clues and snacks and away we all went. Our first roadblock was to go to the grocery store to buy a package of bubblegum and see who could blow the biggest bubble. Not bad Bob! Then it was over to the high school where we had to "buddy walk" together on some boards. As you can see we didn't get off to a very good start! But once we got the hang of it we moved pretty quickly.
After that we headed to the mall to buy a cookie from Mrs. Fields. We got to the mall at 9:30 and found out they didn't open until 10:00! It was nice for us because we caught up to everyone else. Meanwhile, we had kids to entertain so we rode up and down the escalators and elevators...
...and found these fun carts for the kids to play in. I was amazed that Maddie could fold herself up enough to fit in one. She doesn't look very comfortable!
After purchasing our cookies (that we couldn't eat right away because they were required at a later checkpoint - what's up with that!?) we were off to the clock tower at Weber State.
Once there we found out we would have to wait around for 20 minutes until we could take a picture of the clock at 10:55. So Bob and I showed the kids around our old stomping grounds. The campus has changed a lot since I attended there!
Notice how delicately Grace holds on to Bob's ears when he gives her a shoulder ride! It always makes me laugh. As we were traveling the kids kept showing us how big they could blow their bubblegum bubbles. This is how Gracie blows her bubbles!
After the clock tower we had to brush up on our Pig Latin to determine the next roadblock was at the Willard Bay State Park sign.
After that we had to collect a bag of dirt from the Brigham City Temple lot.
Then we worked our way up to the Old Grist Mill in Logan where lucky Bob got to order and eat the sandwich we were required to order. Mustard, horseradish, onion, green peppers and pickles anyone?
Then after lunch we were off to Gosners to get some cheese curd. It was a good thing we had just had lunch because we were suppose to save the cheese curd for later as well!
After the cheese curd (and some asking around) we ended up at the Limberpine Trail where we got to go for a hike and take a picture in front of some trees that are almost 600 years old! The trail was beautiful, the temperature perfect and the kids whiny so after refreshing ourselves with some Fruit-by-the-foot we pressed on and completed the hike. The nice thing about being in last place was we felt free to take our time and enjoy the hike! It really was beautiful, especially the view of Bear Lake.
After we finished our hike and showed off our untouched Mrs. Fields cookies we were given our last clue which lead us to the Sherwood Hills Resort where we spent the night with everyone else. We had a fun evening playing in the pool with all the cousins and eating yummy stuff in Grandpa and Nana's room.
Grace found the perfect sized little perch in the hot tub so she could kick back and relax after all her hard work!
Thanks Dave and Becky! It was a lot of hard work for you but so much fun for the rest of us!

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