Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dart and family pictures

Yesterday morning we had an appointment at Target to have our family pictures taken. About an hour before we were suppose to be there Bob discovered that Dart, our dog was gone. He had put Dart out back without realizing that someone had left the gate open. Dart being the bird dog that he is loves to run and explore and does so every chance he gets.
This is not the first time this has happened and we usually just have to wait until someone finds him and gives us a call. We weren't sure what we were going to do this time though because we needed to leave for our pictures. Bob went out to look for Dart but came back empty-handed. We were all up in our bathroom trying to get all the kids bathed, dressed and combed when Dart came running through the bathroom and into our closet to find a pile of dirty clothes to lay down on. When Bob came back from looking for him the garage door must not have closed tightly because of the wind so Dart was able to nose it open and come in. We were all very relieved to see him but when we looked at him closer we could see that something was wrong. He was very dirty and he didn't move right. He tried to change positions but his back end just sort of flopped. I was afraid that he had hurt his back. He finally got himself to his feet and I was glad to see that his back seemed to be okay after all but his left hind leg just hung there. He hopped along on three feet and when Bob tried to pick him up he started whining like he was really hurting. We decided that Bob would take Dart to the vet while I took the kids for pictures. When the vet finally had a chance to look at Dart he said that Dart most likely got hit by a car and that all the ligaments in his leg are messed up. If Dart is ever going to be able to use his leg again he will need arthroscopic surgery on it. Who knew they did that on a dog!! So anyway, Dart is scheduled for the surgery on Monday. I hope it all goes well and that the surgery can restore most of the function in his leg. I didn't realize how much we would all miss having him around.


Paul and Rachel said...

That does not sound like a fun day. I hope that Dart's surgery goes well and that he recovers fully.

Keri McLauchlin said...

How sad! I hope that his surgery goes well. You didn't mention this when I was talking to you. I guess I wasn't keeping up like I thought. :) Keep me posted! Love you guys!! (And Dart too!)

West Family said...

Too bad Kris isn't around, I am sure he could figure out how to do that on a dog:) I am glad he is all safe and sound. How did pictures go? I really dislike doing pictures.