Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I don't know if it's because of the passing of the old year and watching the new year come in but I can't help but think about how quickly time passes. Last night we started out our New Year Eve party by going to see Bob's nephew Cody get set apart for his mission. He flew to England this morning where he will go to the MTC for three weeks and then report to the Leeds England mission. It is amazing when I stop to think that Cody was only 6 or 7 when I first met him. He has sure grown up since then. I couldn't help but look at Nathan and think it won't be very long before it's his turn to go on a mission and that I really only have him for a few short years. Oh well, I guess that's how life goes.

After the setting apart, we went home and Steve and Sarah came over to party with us. They brought their Wii and the new Wii Fit they got for Christmas.
We had a lot of fun playing with it. I think that's the kind of exercise I could get into. Too bad it's so hard to get hold of a Wii.
Nathan really enjoyed Slalom skiing (apparently it works better if you keep your hands in your pocket!), Jeni liked bowling and Maddie had fun playing tennis.
We laughed as I did a very poor impression of a tree and Bob fell off the tightrope two feet from the end.
Steve impressed us by skillfully dropping balls through the holes in a marble game and Sarah wowed us by getting great distance on the ski jumping.
Grace just had fun watching the rest of us. Who knew you could do so many things in your own family room! After a while we left the kids to play on the Wii and the adults got to play a few rounds of a domino game called Mexican Train. We were having so much fun that we almost forgot to usher in the new year but we remembered just in time! Happy 2009!

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