Friday, January 23, 2009

Dart's knee: Round 2

So Dart had only been home from his surgery a few days when a small child (who shall remain nameless) fell on his leg and as it turns out, broke one of the sutured ligaments. Bummer! So we had to take Dart back in for another surgery on Wednesday. Fortunately there was no damage to the bone or other anchors, the suture just came loose so the doctor put in a stronger suture and stitched Dart back up. We brought him home that night with a new incision he isn't supposed to lick and another round of medication. In spite of the second surgery Dart is acting much better and slowly starting to use the leg and knee a little bit. It was funny watching him try to scratch his nose there for a while!

The great thing about animal medicine is it is much, much cheaper than it's human equivalent! The second surgery including anesthesia, IV fluids and the take home meds only added $105 to our original bill (which admittedly was quite a bit more than $105 but no where near what a human surgery with all the complicated insurance to wade through would be!) Dart did learn a lesson though. Now he doesn't follow the kids around the house and plop down in the middle of where they are playing!

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