Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What is it about shoes?

I seriously think that girls are born with a gene that predisposes them to love shoes! We went shoe shopping last night for the wedding next week and the girls had a ball. We quickly picked out the wedding shoes and then Maddie and Jeni proceeded to try on every pair of shoes they could get their hands on, especially the high heels! They pranced, they danced, they jumped and ran and twirled. They strutted and then practiced their "wedding walk" - sorry Sarah and Steve, I'll try to convince them to just walk normally in the next few days... They had so much fun! Even Grace got into it. I finally put her on the floor so she wouldn't dump herself on her head out of the cart (child safety belts do not work with her!) and she loved crawling over and looking in all the different boxes and touching the shoes. Nathan on the other hand was content to try on one pair of shoes and then he just chased after his sisters.In the end we were successful. We came away with three matching sets of shoes for the girls and some handsome black shoes for Nathan. I could have had a matching set as well (I can wear a size 4 in the girls section since I have freakishly small feet) but opted for a nice new pair of heels instead. We're going to look great next week!


Sarahlou said...

Those are cute! Geez when you say they are for the "wedding next week," that makes me all nervous! I can't believe it's getting so close!

West Family said...

CUTE shoes! I bet you had a blast. I have freakishly small feet too. I wore Mariah's extra boots all winter. Funny the things you learn about people through their blogs:) Can't wait to see the wedding pictures.