Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why buy expensive toys?

So last week when I went grocery shopping I bought a case of applesauce. Jeni labeled them for me and did a great job. Not only does every can have the date but also hearts and polka dots and one special can even has crowns! It kept her entertained for quite a while!When she was done I didn't get around to taking them downstairs to put them away for a few days. First Nathan started stacking them up every which way. Grace loved to crawl over and knock them down for him. It kept them very entertained for a long time too!
Then Jeni and Maddie would come home from school and they started making towers and buildings as well! A simple box full of cans kept all four of them entertained for several days!
So maybe I should throw out the Barbie dolls and Thomas the Trains and just give the kids cans to play with! Besides, when they get bored with the cans, we can open them up and have something good to eat!

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