Thursday, March 26, 2009

A wonderful day!

Yesterday was my birthday and it turned out to be a great day! The kids were really cute and wanted to give me some presents so Nathan gave me one of his Thomas trains. Jeni gave me one dollar and 5 pennies, but then she told me it was to help buy treats for the kids to eat on the trip to Salmon, ID coming up on Saturday - very thoughtful! Then Bob and the kids got me a box of Cavanaugh's chocolate. Steve and Sarah gave me a Scentsy warmer and several different fragrances to go with it (Love it!!) and Bob's family gave me a book of church art as well as some money.Bob surprised me by taking the day off and he gave me my favorite present of all - a clean kitchen! Grace has been sick and very clingy the last few days and Maddie had a really intensive project at school so the dishes had stacked up. He did them all for me then picked up clutter and vacuumed for me all while he made me sit down and relax! I felt so guilty, yet luxuriant! It was wonderful - thank you Honey, you're the best!!

Later that afternoon we went to Costco because we needed some salt for the water softener. Well, $350 later we left with two bags of salt, a Wii console and a Wii Fit to go with it. We've been trying to get a hold of a Wii for months now but nobody has had them for a while. We spent the rest of the day playing on the Wii and trying to figure out whose turn was next! It was a lot of fun.


Katie said...

How fun! I've never played a Wii, but I hear they're a lot of fun. I'm glad you had a good birthday!

Maegan said...

Where was I on your birthday? I didn't even know- sheesh. I would have at least brought over an extra few pennies or something. But a clean kitchen and a Wii- score for you!
Happy very late birthday!