Sunday, July 19, 2009

Moultrie Family Fun Week

It used to be that every summer we would take a "Boring Family Trip" with all of Bob's family. We would go someplace "boring" and just swim in the pool and enjoy each other's company. The last couple of years we have decided that was too expensive and decided to stay home and see the local sights together. So we started on Wednesday with boating at Pineview. Bob had to work so we were not able to participate. Thursday we all headed up to Logan and started the day with a trip to the temple grounds there. We had lunch together, played at the park and the little zoo they have and then split up to go swimming or to the cheese factory. Grace thought she was hot stuff in Nathan's goggles!We started Friday with a breakfast at Dee's house and then we all got out our Salt Lake City Connect Passes that we had purchased and started out on a whirlwind adventure. First we went to the Dinosaur museum (not the official name but I can never remember what it really is) and showed off our fancy hats.
Maddie and Jeni had a good time running away from the dinosaurs!
Next we stopped at the Aquarium in Sandy where the brave could touch a stingray. Stingray's do not feel like I think they should! They are soft, squishy and slimy -yuck!
More stuff you could touch if you wanted too.
After the aquarium we went to the Lion House for a quick lunch (also included in the pass) and then we went to Clark Planetarium where we walked on Mars...
and then on the moon! Nothing boring about this trip!
After the Planetarium we decided to end the day with a movie so after we ran Nathan and Grace to my parents house we watched Harry Potter 6.
Saturday morning we had early tickets to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House. It was beautiful and not nearly so crowded as the Draper Temple Open House was. Afterwards we decided to head out to the Kennecott Copper Mine since we were right there. It was so interesting! The trucks they use are huge! You can kind of see it when you compare the trucks to the school bus (for moving employees around I suppose) in the picture below. Someone with sharper eyes than mine also saw a goat wandering around down there...
The kids got a kick out of seeing how big the tires on the haulers are. They are over 12 feet tall!
After Kennecott we split up for a while. The connect passes were still good so after lunch we took the kids to the Children's museum where they got to ride horses,
sort vegetables,
and use construction equipment - Jeni, where's your hard hat?!?
Then we went up to Snowbird and rode the tram to the top of the Mountain.
Somewhere in the background you can see Heber. It was a beautiful view but as you can tell the kids were not impressed!
So we rode the tram back down, put our whiny, worn out, cranky kids in the car and ended the day/fun week with a barbecue at Sherry's house. All in all it was a very fun week and we look forward to it again next year!

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