Monday, July 6, 2009

Moultrie Family Reunion

On Thursday we headed up to Salmon, ID for the Moultrie Family Reunion. Even though Maddie and I were not feeling well it was a fun trip. This was the view that greeted us when we walked into our motel room. It was right on the river and across from a picnic area. It was beautiful. I loved leaving the sliding door open so we could listen to the river going by.The kids had a great time. They quickly made friends with their cousins and each one of them had one that was just their age. One of their favorite things to do together was climbing up into the tree house.
Jeni got to ride a horse after the parade but for one reason or another she was the only one that did.
This is Caden, a cousin just Nathan's age.
Maddie and Kendall had a great time playing together and hunting for strawberries.
Grace just had fun toddling around. Look out world, here comes Grace!
Nathan had fun playing lawn darts with his new idol - Caleb. He was looking for Caleb the whole last day and tagging along with him whenever he could.
We ended our trip by going up the mountain and into a campground around this little lake. We had fun watching some of the older cousins wade out into the frigid water and catching a fish in a T-shirt!
It was raining a little bit. Jeni was in heaven because I let her play with the umbrella, but it did made it a little tough to gather and hold rocks to throw in the lake.
Getting ready to go. Goodbye everyone and goodbye Salmon! We had a great time.

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Bethany said...

Looks like a fun trip!