Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Grace!

It was Grace's birthday yesterday and so we had a little party for her. She had no idea what to do with presents but had fun sitting on them and watching her older siblings open her presents for her!
Grace wasn't sure what to think when she first met her Raggedy Ann doll. Bob's sister Sandra makes one of these beautiful dolls for all her nieces and nephews on their 1st birthday! Maddie and Jeni have been waiting anxiously to see Graces for the last several days. Thank you Sandra!
This turtle that Sarah and Steve gave Grace was the favorite toy of the evening.
Cute cake - Dick's Market did a great job!
This looks pretty good!
It tastes even better! Grace got into the whole cake thing more than any of her siblings ever did!"Mmmmm! Good stuff Mom!
This is what she looked like after Uncle Steve "intervened"! She had cake everywhere - even down her diaper! At least this time he stuck around and helped me clean her up afterward - probably because he doesn't want to scare Sarah too badly!
I think you missed a spot! Happy birthday Gracie!


West Family said...

Happy Birthday Grace! So glad you enjoyed the cake!

John said...

Awwwww she is so freaking Cute!!! Wish I had been able to make it.