Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Bob got a break this morning for Father's Day and didn't have any bishopric meetings until 10:00 so we started off Father's Day by making biscuits and gravy for breakfast. It's one of Bob's favorites and it was pretty darn tasty! After his meeting he came home to get us and to get gussied up for church. Last week in primary the kids each decorated a card stock tie for him with all sorts of feather, pom poms, glitz and glitter. Now I'm sure that some of the fathers were not too keen on the idea but there was no doubt in my mind what Bob would do. He proudly put on all three ties and away we went to church. He is such a cute Daddy, I couldn't imagine a better father for my children!After church we visited with some of the other great fathers in our lives. My Dad came over with my Mom and had dinner with us and a very nice visit. Then we went to visit my Grandpa Bill and then Bob's dad. It was kind of crazy with so many visits but it just means that we have lots of people that love us and who have done so much to shape us into the people we have become. What a blessing! Happy Father's Day - we love you all!

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West Family said...

I am sure Bob had no problem with his ties, I am sure Grace loved munching on them too! What fun pictures and outings you have posted. We are still waiting for summer to come here. The kids get out on Wednesday and then we will just hope the weather warm up! Glad you are all doing so well.