Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Car wash anyone?

A few days ago the kids were outside playing with some friends when Maddie came inside to get me. She had a surprise for me and wanted me to close my eyes. She led me outside, down the porch stairs (where I peeked a little, I didn't want to break my neck after all!) and into the garage. Maddie and her friends Emily and Sarah had been very busy washing the car! They did a great job but where quick to reassure me that they didn't leave any dents in the car. What?! Silly Mom, of course they had to climb up on top of the car to get the top clean! And while they were up there they cleaned the top of the garage door for me too! What a bargin! I'm just glad that my windshield with the big crack running all the way across it held up.My little entrepreneurs were busy. They had already gone around the neighborhood and washed a couple of other cars and earned 35 cents each for their efforts.

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