Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our first camping trip of the season

We made it out on our first camping trip this year. We went to a place called Ironmine on the south slope of the Uintas and it was beautiful! The weather was perfect and the temperatures were great. It even looked like it was snowing but it was the cottonwoods further down the canyon. My parents came and spent the day with us on Friday and we had a really good time with them. Hopefully they can get their trailer up and running soon so next time they can stay longer. Steve and Sarah joined us later Friday night and Saturday. Here is a picture of our campsite. Notice how vacant it looks. Where do you suppose everybody was?Why, all the kids were down "helping" Steve and Sarah. Friday night they "helped" set up the tent and the sleeping bags. Saturday morning they were anxious to go "help" them wake up but I made them wait until a reasonable hour - hopefully! When I did let them go over they "helped" Sarah wake up by losing a caterpillar in her sleeping bag - sorry Sarah! They were very helpful all morning. Steve and Sarah are very good sports and we really enjoyed being with them.What else did we do on our trip? Well, Jeni and Nathan went on a bear hunt around and around Steve and Sarah's tent.
On Friday we went into the booming town of Hannah (they had one tiny store with a single gas pump out front) to get some gas and to let the kids pick out one treat or a small toy. The girls both picked out a makeup set and they put it to good use the rest of the trip.
You always have to look your best...
...because you never know who you might meet next!
Friday afternoon I went on a walk with Maddie, Jeni and Nathan around the campground. The kids got worried that we would get lost so they started pulling up dandelions and leaving a trail that we could follow back to camp. At first they would throw down handfuls ever step but then we decided that took way too much time so they would count out twenty paces and throw down one flower. It was a good way to practice counting and how not to get lost!
No time like the present to give Dart a haircut! He looked much better afterward and stayed much cleaner.
After breakfast on Saturday we headed off on a hike. It sounded like such a good idea but when we got there we found that the trail was very wet and swampy. We had to step carefully but it was still fun and a pretty hike.
Nathan found a large rock that he diligently carried on our hike. Why would he carry a rock you ask?
So that he would be prepared when we got to the river!
We finished up our trip by roasting hot dogs for lunch and eating marshmallows and dirt. Or was it dirt and marshmallows? I'm not sure but whatever it was, it was yummy!
We love camping together!


Bethany said...

Looks like a lot of fun! This reminds me of the first time I met your family on our camping trip near Logan...almost 5 years ago! The girls were just as eager to wake us up too. We would love to go camping with you guys again-let me know when you want to plan something.

Sarahlou said...

We had a ton of fun! The kids didn't bother us. That was part of the fun. I'm totally ready to head out again. When do you want to go?