Monday, July 6, 2009


On our way out of Salmon on Saturday we stopped at King's to let the kids pick out a souvenir. They loved it! Maddie picked out this little baby doll that came with a bottle you could fill with water and squirt into the dolls mouth and, well, let's just say that I wish she was so excited to change Graces diaper!Jeni got a knitting kit that makes a purse and a belt.
Since I have never learned how to knit it was a learning experience for us both. And can I just say that instructions printed in China really leave a lot to be desired sometimes! They left out a whole step that made it impossible to learn just from the instructions! Thank goodness for YouTube and three little words: "learn to knit". There were some great videos on there that helped us on our way to a beautiful green purse. Jeni got a kick out of the little rhyme to remind you of the proper steps:

Under the fence,
Catch the sheep,
Back we go
and off we leap.

I was worried when she picked out the kit that she wouldn't have the fine motor skills or patience for it but she has done really well with it. I have to help her "catch the sheep" but I'm sure she'll figure out how to do that too. Maybe I'll have to get my own set of needles and we'll have a knitting party together!
Nathan found a "Papa truck" (my Dad drove a truck for Swift for a while, hence the name) for his souvenir. He has loaded it full of all sorts of stuff and made many deliveries with "Fred Moultrie Papa Truck"! I love how he is into naming his toys lately. As a side note he has a Raggedy Andy doll that he has named Billy. What a cute little guy.


Bethany said...

I'm so impressed Jeni would pick knitting! I've always wanted to learn a craft like that...maybe you guys can teach me. :-)

West Family said...

You are such a good Mom. Mariah learned how to knit on her own, I was useless! It looks like you had a good time in Salmon. I used to really enjoy going there. Thanks for posting all the pictures!