Monday, October 13, 2008

The First Snow

We had our first snowfall of the season Saturday night and we woke up Sunday morning to find that winter had come. At first the kids were upset by this, they seemed to think that snow cannot come until after Halloween. They were very concerned that we were going to have to skip Halloween this year and it was especially traumatic since we just bought new costumes on Saturday and they haven’t quit wearing them since. When we reassured them that this was not the case they decided the snow was lots of fun. As soon as they got home from church they found snow clothes for everyone and out they headed to throw snowballs and make a snowman.

I went outside to watch the fun and take some pictures and I was struck by how pretty our roses were and how strange they looked against the snow. The two just don’t seem to go together! I guess I’d better enjoy the roses while I still can.

By the way, you can see one of Bob's official signs in the picture. I'm surprised how far 50 of them went and how often I see them as I'm driving around town. Go Bob!

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Keri said...

That is a very cute picture. I love the way the roses look. I didn't know that Bob was running for office. I think that is great! Go Bob, Go!!