Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeni!

Jeni is now officially six years old! I can’t believe that my kids are getting so big. I can’t possibly be that old myself, can I? Oh well.
We had Jeni’s birthday party on Monday night and were able to enjoy the company of many family members. Nana and Grandma Moultrie came and took Jeni birthday shopping after school and Jeni got the present that she’s “always wanted” (the one that I’d never heard of before I guess) which turned out to be a teddy bear stuffing machine. It came with three bear “skins” and a machine that you put the stuffing in, turn the crank and ta-da, you have your own teddy bear. Later on she got two Barbies, some Polly Pockets and some clothes. But I suspect that her favorite present of all may have been the $.88 box of candy that I bought on a whim and tucked into the package of clothes to make it sound interesting!

One of the great things about Jeni’s birthday being in October is that we can make fun Halloween themed cakes for her birthday. I found a recipe for a candy that was about the consistency of play dough and the flavor of the inside of a peppermint patty so Jeni and I spent the afternoon making a ghost, a black cat and pumpkins to put on her cake. We had fun spending the time together and ended up with a pretty darn cute cake to boot! Happy Birthday Jeni! I sure do love you!


West Family said...

Cute cake! You are amazing! You know she is going to have pretty high expectations from now on. Happy Birthday to Jeni! She is a doll.

Paul and Rachel said...

Happy birthday to Jeni!! Sounds like a fun party

Katie said...

I'm so impressed with your cake-making skills! You are the new baketress extraordinaire!!! Happy Birthday to Jeni!!!!

Keri said...

Happy Birthday Jeni!! What an awsome cake! You did a great job helping Mom. So Mom, how could I go about getting the recipe? I thought that they were store bought. You are very talented, not to mention incredibly creative with the cakes you do. WOW! Love you guys!

Carolyn said...

Hey Keri, I just made a regular cake in round pans and then frosted it with regular frosting. You can find the recipe for the ghost and pumpkins at:
http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Minty-Snowmen. It was really fun to do, like playing with play-dough!