Monday, October 13, 2008


Bob has decided to run for House of Representatives for the Constitution Party again this year. He ran two years ago and in an effort to get more votes this time than last he decided to order 50 lawn signs. The signs didn’t come as soon as he expected and he was starting to get very frustrated, especially since his opponent has signs EVERYWHERE. Anyway, one morning he was worrying about the signs so Maddie and Jeni disappeared upstairs and a while later they came down with some signs they had made themselves. They wanted to use them so Bob took them around and they handed the signs out to some of our neighbors.

His official signs came a few days later and one evening we all piled in the car and took signs around. The kids sat in the back and banged on the signs like drums and made up a song that went something like “Vote for Bob, he’s not too goofy!” They make fine campaign managers!


West Family said...

I think being too goofy is one of Bob's greatest qualities:) So cute, your kids are so thoughtful. I can't believe you had snow. Is it gone already? We haven't had any yet and I hope it stays that way. I am glad we don't have to skip Halloween, I am not ready for Christmas yet!

Keri said...

Good job on the signs girls!! You guys get my vote!!

Maegan said...

That is the best campaign slogan song ever! Our snowman in the front held Bob's sign for a while too- GO BOB!